Red Bull Dirt Diggers.. 

Dinslaken, September 13, 2019 – On Saturday, ten motocross freeriders will be ripping through the Lohberg site in Dinslaken, Germany.  Rather than searching from coal from the man-made mountain in the very industrial area of Germay, the riders will instead be searching for Gold.  Red Bull Dirt Diggers brings together a wide variety of the best motocross riders from different disciplines to compete on one of the biggest ever Freestyle and Freeride MX courses in the history of the sport.  The goal – to determine the best all-rounder in the sport.  Tickets are availble online at the box office:

The entire course has been built over 6 hectares of a much bigger area of the mountain in Dinslaken.  The huge playground offers athletes almost unlimited possibilities for tricks and lines.  With the biggets jump over 40 metres, more than 18,000 tonnes of dirt have been piled together simply in the Freestyle MX course alone.  Thousands more tonnes dirt have been shaped, reconstructed and polished up in the Freeride „Snake Run“ and the „Big Jumps“ area.

At Red Bull Dirt Diggers, the riders will be challenged in three categories in a gigantic area, not seen before.  The Freeride „Snake Run“ is about showing smooth and flowing lines on the freeride jumps.  The FMX section is where the riders will push the limits of the best tricks on a wide variety of ramps and also incorporating the very first Half-Pipe section in an FMX competition. The Big Jumps section will show the skills of the riders to bring everything together in one discipline on the biggest jumps of the entire course.

The rider field is as varied as the disciplines and jumps on offer at Dirt Diggers.  The local hero, Luc Ackermann from Germany, will be a strong contender in the competition and is looking forward to his hometown advantage.  „Red Bull Dirt Diggers is a completely new format in Motocross.  I am very excited and looking forward to the new challenge.  Of course I’ll give my all to win this event, but with the world’s best riders, it’s going to be an exciting event which noone should miss“ said Ackermann.

News coming from the invited athletes was that after Tom Parsons was injured at X Games in Norway, Jarryd McNeil has moved into the field at Red Bull Dirt Diggers.  The Australian is a Whip Specialist, and recently matched the total Gold Medals of a single athlete with FMX Icon, Travis Pastrana after his recent win in Oslo.

With Mat Rebeaud missing the event due to illness, the Swiss FMX World Champion from 2006 opened the door for Gilles Dejong to enter the competition.  The Belgian is one of the few riders in the world to have won FIM points in three different motorcycle disciplines in one season – in Motocross, Supermoto and Freestyle.  Gilles has skills in both Freeride terrain and on the Freeride sections due to his racing background.

Freestyle Motocross is a sport that is characterised by innovation and has become more and more specialised.  In recent years, FMX has almost completely abandoned competitions in natural terrain to draw fans in arenas of large cities. 

Red Bull Dirt Diggers returns to the origins of the sport with a twist, offering riders of varying backgrounds the challenging platform on which to compete.  The rider to master all three stages will become the Red Bull Dirt Diggers overall champion.  In addition, there are awards for winners of each stage as well as Best Trick, Best Whip and Best Moment.


The Red Bull Dirt Diggers tickets are available here:

There will also be a box office from 10:00 to 14:30 on 14 September.



Luc Ackermann (GER)

Pat Bowden (AUS)

Gilles Dejong (BEL)

Kai Haase (GER)

Jarryd McNeil (AUS)

Maikel Melero (ESP)

Colby Raha (USA)

David Rinaldo (FRA)

Jamie Squibb (ENG)

Brody Wilson (USA)


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