Four more big name riders released and new Social Media Partner for the new e-FMX World Championship in Covid-19 Delay

As the countdown gets closer to the upcoming e-FMX World Championship series with NIGHT of the JUMPs and the all new Mobile Game, TiMX : This is Motocross, 4 more names have joined the first season of competitive Freestyle Motocross gaming.
Unfortunately, due to the continuing delays on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, the most recent update for both platforms has continued to be mixed in with the slow approval process on each online store which all App Developers are currently experiencing.

At NIGHT of the JUMPs, the decision was made in the interest of a far greater experience for both the Professional Riders in this competition, and fans of our content, by delaying the start of the first season with just a short amount of time to allow Google and Apple to clear their backlog of App Updates in this difficult time. In the meantime, Aussie Adrenaline, the creators of TiMX have been working around the clock on more features for the game for subsequent updates.
NIGHT of the JUMPs are proud to announce the next 4 big name FMX riders who will compete in the opening e-FMX World Championship series including X Games Gold Medallist and one of the most stylish riders on the planet, Taka Higashino (JPN).
Having competed at NIGHT of the JUMPs in Tours, France (2015), Taka Higashino is Japan’s greatest FMX export when he became the first Japanese rider to compete in X Games, and has taken 3 Gold Medals in Freestyle MX discipline throughout his career. Taka is also known as the creator of the California Roll body varial, a trick which he will be able to land within the new Mobile Game.

While Taka is a trick machine, one of America’s next generation Freeriders who looks for the craziest jumps he can find, Colby Raha (USA), will also join the series. Raha has also bagged a couple of X Games Gold Medals, in the discipline of Quarter Pipe Highest Air (2017) and the Real Moto video series in 2019. Raha is all about Freeriding and throwing the dirtiest whips over the gnarliest of jumps which he showed in effortless style at the first ever Freeride Competition, Red Bull Dirt Diggers in 2019.
The Italian Warhorse, Massimo Bianconcini will also step up to compete in the first ever eSport series with NIGHT of the JUMPs. Throughout his stellar career at NIGHT of the JUMPs, Bianoconcini has set the Highest Air record of 11.5 metres in Torino, Italy in 2012 and also has taken 5 Highest Air Championship titles, and also the Silver and 2 Bronze Medals at X Games Step Up. Throughout Bianconcini’s career at NIGHT of the JUMPs, he has continually battled Jose Miralles in FMX and Highest Air. These two World Championship judges will now go head to head against each other in the first round of the e-FMX Championship for bragging rights in the Judges Box.
Australia has continually fostered all new FMX talent, and in 2020 it seems this will continue with the inclusion of the Aus-X Open FMX Best Trick Winner, Jayo Archer. After landing his first ever Double Flip in competition and taking the gold over Australia’s Double Flipping champion, Josh Sheehan, Jayo has turned his sights on another of Sheeny’s legacies, the Triple Backflip. While Jayo is currently training to try land the Triple Flip from the Moon Booter, he will be putting his time into trying to pull as many virtual backflip rotations on each jump to take down Sheeny in the first round head-to-head battle in the new TiMX FMX tournament. If Jayo can land the Triple Flip from the Moon Booter, it could also signal a massive change to FMX for the future, as Josh Sheehan is the only man to land the trick from the mammoth one-off ramp at Travis Pastrana’s house in 2015.

NIGHT of the JUMPs is proud to announce the Social Media Partnership with Extreme throughout the first season of the e-FMX World Championships. For over a quarter of a century, Extreme has been involved in all things Action Sport from Television Show production to Extreme Sport Events, and this partnership within the esports world represents some of the early over that Extreme are making into the fast growing industry. Fans of Extreme will also be able to watch the entire e-FMX World Championship series Live from the Extreme Facebook channel, and watch the recap videos across their social media channels.
FC Moto, one of the world’s biggest Motorcycle Parts and Gear Retailers and Online Stores has backed the production of the all new e-FMX World Championship. With FC Moto’s expertise in the Online world, opening an all new market of Virtual Sport and accessibility for fans to view the action and vote for their favourite rider has just become so much easier.
The updated Start Date will be released in the very near future. Keep your eyes peeled.

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First 12 of 16 players confirmed:
• Josh Sheehan (AUS)
• Maikel Melero (ESP)
• Pat Bowden (AUS)
• Adam Jones (USA)
• Edgar Torronteras (ESP)
• Javier Villegas (CHL)
• Jose Miralles (ESP)
• Fred Kyrillos (BRA)
• Colby Raha (USA)
• Taka Higashino (JPN)
• Jayo Archer (AUS)
• Massimo Bianconcini (ITA)

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