We had the priviledge to be involved with the Nedbank Desert Dash on 7 December 2018. 

The Nedbank Desert Dash is a mountain bicycle challenge that starts in the capital Windhoek and finishes in Swakopmund at the coast. It is somewhat 363km of offroad bicycling. Every 70 odd kilometres we setup a tent and equipment for the cyclists that serves as a waterpoint. It is a very hot and windy time in Namibia and it is always an exciting job as we have to be creative in the setting up to adhere to the wind and heat (and later on cold in the desert) 

We would like to thank the Nedbank Desert Dash Team for trusting us with this very big event on their calender. This link below will take you to Nedbank Namibia's Facebook where they shared a very cool video about the event. Enjoy!![0]=68.ARB9LbVwLDn8SapwIUKpBdgZCAABxQhYwrwcd5Azi-xthmETYfG6vNbQYxMIaJm8w1GEvKcTLciUSG5OV4X7zbNjtQQ_iRBUzUlL6LHLc82uBr77xblvagaPhV7LcPKPEWwu9xhBYBuYvBnx4D049i9s7ARgMNHr0kdtfBh2FqcWTUtJExIYDaEB7TB9582c-N-1BoSxlNgMVcFUHeOa-lQWZn8_cezHLGkqmm0EV3mkDOulPNb7XEz1cqwN57CxSwIcR_RTaqumQE7jOl9Us1Qtq7NZC57xax9-p9mJGQsW-P84NvvQq-nu99dNLzQc9rBWM7gWR91IjvdVfXqPNKihzhTDwY3rie9wX-Z12QlhvdZMRa1DOjCEu-YL_H_dc5yaDsFsMEww2hCZh4iJnFZo-owamnwrSalkUntO2mx99F6IzwH0tH5xnirfBM9eol4tns1Rd_wzFLpfnS9pX-qe9hULMYnGh8_yNnNn1THUQ_9ll46XAGzppbLSxBOsf33T

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Nedbank Desert Dash December 2018