What are we up to?

Being in the entertainment/events industry is nothing to be jealous of during 2020. (And we thought we will be having fun as we also turn 20years old this year..)

Since our government announched the first Covid19 case in Namibia on 14 March, our industry came to a halt within a few minutes. So we had to find ways to be productive, without uhmm, doing our jobs.. Here's what we have been up to since then: 

  1. Upgrading our rental system (check out the look below!)
  2. Counting stock
  3. Re-arranging our warehouse (and we are not kidding) :)
  4. Cleaning 
  5. Setting up regulations for human interaction at our premises to provide a safe environment for staff and customer

We hope to see you soon! 

For info and questions do not hesitate to contact us!

081 127 0100

081 145 0100

061 249 833

Much Love

Kickstart Namibia Team

13. Jul 2020

COVID-19 Regulations

14. May 2020

Technical Stuff

10. May 2020

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