Innovations Clearspan

Introducing Innovations Clearspan, the premier division dedicated to providing unparalleled event solutions tailored for large-scale occasions, catering to esteemed clients including ministries and prestigious VVIPs. As the flagship entity within our organisation, Innovations Clearspan specialises in offering an extensive range of specialty items to elevate your event to extraordinary heights. We supply a-frame tents, customised setups, and the newly introduced Kassette wall tent, to luxurious amenities such as rubber flooring, underflooring, and red-carpet events, we ensure every aspect of your event is executed flawlessly. Our offerings also include accessibility features like stainless steel ramps, along with captivating chandeliers and designer lighting installations to create a breathtaking ambiance. Additionally, our inventory features Pagoda tents, air conditioning solutions, and glass doors, providing comprehensive event infrastructure for your every need. With Innovations Clearspan, your event is set to be a resounding success, delivering unmatched sophistication and excellence.

Premium Event Design

Our premium event design options blend luxurious aesthetics with seamless functionality, creating unforgettable experiences. It emphasises bespoke elements, from elegant décor to innovative lighting and immersive activities. Attention to detail and personalized touches ensure each event is unique, leaving a lasting impression on guests while reflecting the host’s style and sophistication.

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